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"Today, I look forward to waking up and tackling each day the best I can... My depression and anxiety has significantly subsided and I would argue they are gone altogether. Thank you, iMind, for allowing me to be the best version of myself. "


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Frequently Asked Questions About Depression

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How Does a Depression Screening Work?

It's easy to find out if you have depression.

Do I have depression?How do you cure depression?Is depression a disability?How does depression affect your life?Is medication the only thing that can be given for depression?

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Anyone can feel depressed from time to time. Clinical depression, however, can be debilitating.


of people with depression who receive treatment feel better

1 in 3

women will experience a depressive episode in their lifetime

2 in 5 

men will experience a depressive episode in their lifetime

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At iMind Mental Health Solutions, we believe good mental health is essential for life. 

That's why we bring all evidence-based tools to bear in helping clients achieve the best mental health possible. With TMS and other treatments, there is no need to suffer with depression.

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Treatment Plan

If needed, a no-obligation treatment plan will be provided

Depression affects everything. So can treatment.

Over 80% of people with depression respond positively to mental health treatment. 

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